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The Treasurer’s Global Guide to Investing Cash

The Guide is a practical tool to help treasurers develop an investment policy and invest corporate cash effectively.
14 November 2019
    Download the full reportPDF, 9.4MB

    This sixth edition of The Treasurer’s Global Guide to Investing Cash has been sponsored by HSBC Global Asset Management and produced in collaboration with the Association of Corporate Treasurers (ACT).

    The Guide reviews the principle stages in developing an effective cash investment policy:

    1. Forecast cash flows accurately
    2. Manage cash flows effectively
    3. Segment cash flows intelligently
    4. Establish an effective investment policy
    5. Implement investment management
    6. Understanding the impact of tax and regulation on different markets

    In addition, through a series of case studies from corporate treasurers, the Guide goes beyond textbook analysis and helps to put the investment of corporate and institutional cash into a practical context.

    The Guide is also a valuable reference source to help you to understand the many differences between various forms of money market investments and their availability in 49 countries around the world.