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Sustainable trends to look out for

Five policy and regulatory trends shaping the sustainable investment landscape
07 July 2020

    HSBC Global Asset Management's Stephanie Maier has identified sustainable trends that are critical in post Covid-19 world which are featured in ESG Clarity. She discusses how the global response to Covid-19 has not held back the rapid evolution of the sustainable finance policy landscape, and how these policy shifts are set to change the way capital is channelled, and will be critical as we consider what our economic recovery may look like.

    Stephanie highlights five policy and regulatory trends shaping the investment landscape:

    1. High policy ambitions
    2. Increased sustainable finance regulation
    3. Next generation stewardship
    4. Mandatory disclosure
    5. Focus on real economy impact

    She discusses these trends in detail and their potential impact on economies as they open up and move into a post-Covid world.

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