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ESG investing has moved to the mainstream

Stephanie Maier in FT Adviser's latest podcast on ESG
30 April 2020
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    Companies are realising that it is important to comply more fully with environmental, sustainable and governance principles, especially when it comes to action from shareholders.

    HSBC Global Asset Management’s Stephanie Maier, Director of Responsible Investment spoke on this topic with FT Adviser for their latest podcast on ESG.

    She said, “ESG investing has moved to the mainstream and transitioning to a lower carbon economy is a key societal and investment imperative. Society is more engaged and regulators are also stepping up to recognise that climate risk can present an issue to financial stability.

    There are now more ways than ever before for investors to invest sustainably across different strategies and asset classes. For investors, incorporating ESG factors into a diversified portfolio will help them to understand their risk/return balance in a better way.”

    To listen to the podcast in full click here