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HSBC GIF Multi-Asset Style Factors

Performance review 2019
03 February 2020
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    HSBC GIF Multi-Asset Style Factors - Reaching the EUR1 billion milestone

    Interview with Mathieu Guillemet, Fund Manager Multi-Asset

    Key takeaways:

    • In 2019, HSBC GIF Multi-Asset Style Factors recorded a positive gross performance of 9.7 per cent in excess of cash, with an annualised volatility of 4.4 per cent
    • The three performance drivers (carry, value and momentum) made positive contributions
    • In terms of asset class contributions, currency and bond portfolios were the main contributors while equity portfolios were flat
    • Within the Alternative Risk Premia (ARP) universe, the fund recorded a strong performance and showed low correlations to traditional asset classes and alternative investments

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